Story#6: Even Beijing’s lawyer get upset from

Two days ago my contact was passed to a friend of friend because this girl and her roommates were having some issues with the place they rented from courtyard 007 (now Im a lawyer so they want some professional help.
The main issue about the situation is that the police came to my friends place saying the place is illegal and they gonna tear them down very soon, basically forcing my friends out because they are no longer allowed to live there once the official decision is made.
My friends just want their deposit back, and their lease gonna end within about 20 days.
The lease agreement they had was poorly and terribly drafted as well. I met these girls and talked about the solutions and they want me do the lawyer talk to the landlord.
I did, this morning, but with no reply. So at the afternoon i called her and pretend to be someone that wants apartment so i can get to meet her in person and talk about the issue.
When i got there, there was another white girl looking for new places so ended up both of us checking the apartment. i wasn’t looking and told the landlord actually im here for other stuff if you have time we can talk about it. she figured out i was the one that text her this morning and switch attitude to this “i dont know you and you have nothing to do with these, i can speak english so let your friends talk to me directly”.
i was trying to be polite but on point, laying out the facts about how many laws been broken and its her obligation to give back the deposit, whether the place will be demolished has no relevance here. But she just kept that attitude the whole, it was a short meet up and i think she doesn’t want the other white girl know what we were actually discussing (the white girl can understand and speak mandarin pretty well and we were talking in mandarin).
But anyway it ended up us she switch the topics and all these BS and drove away as i was still talking to her and she just got into the car and close the door. Refused any further discussion.
The whole idea about actually writing to you is, although I’m local and this is just a favor for a friend of friend who i met only twice. But i mean i feel like this lady is targeting at foreigners because of the language barrier and culture difference and more important you guys don’t know the laws here.
So what im thinking is, i know i said im a lawyer but actually I haven’t got my license yet, i work in a law firm and may know someone who is really damn good and specialize in this kinda area. You mentioned on the website that there are so many victims out there and i was thinking about possible class action or at lease some fines from government to this lady and her business.

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