Why I started this blog

Hi everyone,

I started this blog to raise awareness of bad practices of agents or landlord with people looking for a house in Beijing . I’ll focus mainly on Courtyard007 (now renamed homeudream.com) with who I get a truly awful experience when I rent her house for a year.

Not happy with Courtyard007
Not happy with Courtyard007

There is plenty of stories to write here. I know 2 of people that worked for her. Ons explained her bad practices and dishonesty (post to come). I also received message of many people that had, the same awful experiences.

This blog is here especially to help other to avoid having bad experiences with her and her company. And if you’re already in one of her house, hopefully this could be hopeful for you to try to get most of your deposit back . If you were one of the victim of HomeUdream(Courtyard007) , please contact me or leave a comment, I’ll be happy to relate your story here. [email protected]

I know most of you will say “It’s China” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . And so you should  be expected to lose the deposit. I’m not totally sure that we let this go. We should denunciate all this bad practice to keep a good experience for people living in Beijing.. I was in China for more than 5 years, was in 3 apartments, in 2 I got full deposit back and a good experience, the last one was Courtyard007 , with a really awful experience.