She Takes Your Money Like a Vampire Takes Your Blood.

Her houses always have construction problems.

Rented 3 houses from her in different locations, each house had multiple problems such as flooding, broken lights, and damaging the neighbor’s pipes during renovation.
The second house had serious flooding problems because they didn’t build the pipes very well, there are some days you smell toilet all the time, neighbors would also come knock the door and complain to you.
When there is a problem, she will send workers over to fix it but the problem is never truly fixed. She always uses the cheapest workers available who use the cheapest materials.

She’s not the landlord.

The third house we rented with her, the original landlord (not Holly) would often come to visit the house. He cared about the house’s condition, after all he knows that we pay a high rent for the place. He was shocked to find to find out that Holly was charging triple the amount that she was paying the him. The landlord also told us that that Holly was quite rude to him on the phone. Whenever the landlord called asking about rent, Holly would redirect him (the landlord) to her husband; he never picked up the phone.

Fortunately, the landlord didn’t try to ask for money from us. Once we moved out he asked us for  some tips on how to generally improve the quality of the house as a whole.It would probably have been easier to deal with the landlord directly rather than having Holly act as the middleman.


So, at the majority of places that you rent, the landlord will ask for 1 month’s deposit. Holly wanted 2. Not a problem because we take good care of the places that we live in. We refurnished the house with our own furniture.

We had to break our contract early, and she didn’t return anything, citing minor damages and other frivolous and ridiculous costs. At the end of it all, we just wanted to leave so we left everything we had purchased for the house behind. She wants to take everything from you, even though you were her customer for three years, she doesn’t care.


4) She does illegal business, she takes your money like vampire take your blood, why still people rent with her?

A friendly warning to people in Beijing, her business is illegal since she is always secretly renting all the government owned(公家) hutong houses. She never give back your deposit money when you move out, even though you have dozens of construction problems during your stay? Even though the house looks more interesting than other normal hutong houses, but according to all those terrible things, do you still feel safe to rent from her?

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  1. Hello!
    Holly is now operating under a new name- Jenny. She also changed the website- it is no longer called Courtyard007, but:

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